Temperature Guide 

Please note, that we can't guarantee cook times when reaching these temperatures. It may take less time with a thinner steak, or more time with a thicker steak, which is why we suggest using a thermometer. 

 Rare - 120°F - The centre of the steak will be cool to warm, very tender, and a red to pink colour. 

Medium rare - 130°F - This is generally considered the "perfect cook" on most steaks. It's a pretty popular temperature to order! The centre will be read and warm. 

Medium - 140°F - This cook will have a hot pink centre, and the steak will be slightly firmer in texture. 

Medium-well - 150°F - This steak will be mostly brown and firm in the centre. 

Well done - 160°F+ - Finally, this cook on the steak will have absolutely no pink colour in the centre. It will be completely brown, firm, and very dry.

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