Dorper Sheep

Heritage Meats has chosen the Dorper breed of sheep to raise for our lamb offerings.  Here is a synopsis of this breed.  

 Dorper sheep are known for their excellent meat quality and adaptability to various climatic conditions. They have a distinctive appearance, with a white body and a black head (though there are also all-white varieties). Their wool is typically short and coarse, making them more suitable for meat production rather than wool production. One of the key characteristics of Dorper sheep is their ability to thrive in harsh environments, including hot and dry climates. They have strong resistance to parasites and diseases, which makes them relatively low-maintenance compared to other sheep breeds. In terms of meat production, Dorper sheep are highly valued for their lean and tender meat, which has a mild flavour. They are often raised for commercial meat production due to their efficient feed conversion and fast growth rates. Additionally, Dorper sheep are known for their high fertility rates and good maternal instincts, making them popular among sheep farmers for breeding purposes.

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